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In the last 20 years, Virtual Reality hardware has made huge leaps!

Our team has tested the state of the art virtual reality headsets, and have chosen to support the most effective.

While our technology will work on many modern headsets, our recommendations are:

virtual reaity oculus rift training diveristy inclusion soft skills

Oculus Rift

Our #1 recommendation

virtual reaity vive htc pro training soft skills human diveristy inclusion

HTC Vive / Pro

Our #2 recommendation

These headsets will require a VR ready computer

We are currently publicly trialing Rift S, and Quest is in development.
Questions about hardware support? Reach out

Find an arcade

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Since 2015 there has been a huge movement of local virtual reality arcades supporting the latest hardware. It has spawned a tight-knit and accommodating community, open to requests of particular experiences.

We recommend finding and contacting your local Virtual Reality arcade to request a demo of Equal Reality. A quick Search Google should help