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Standard Support

Keeping the standards high

Reference Guides

Learn about the hardware and applications.

How to start your training as quick as possible.

Get the most out of your training.

Client Portal

A one-stop-shop to support organizations implment and scaled Virtual Reality training programs.

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Priority Support

$1,990 / month






Dedicated on-call support person.

1 day per month of support.


Consultation on VR implementation and scale.

2 hours per month

$1,990 / month

In Person Support

$4,990 / day

We come to you

We work with you where you need us.


Train your staff on how to best make use of virtual reality.


Work with you to solve your problems, implementation, design and execution.

Technical Support

Keeping everything running smoohtly at your most important events.

Virtual Reality Rental

Includes VR hardware rental of one headset.

$4,990 / day