Equal Reality Diversity Report

2018 06 19

Inclusion improves diversity

Diversity improves performance

Equal Reality celebrates diversity, and promotes inclusion. Today we are looking at our own diversity to celebrate who we are, and think critically about how we can continue to improve inclusion.

Deloitte Bersin found that among all of the HR practices, “building a culture of inclusion” is one of the top practices that drive positive financial outcomes. Research of 1000 companies showed that the highly inclusive organisations:

  • Generate 2.3 times more cash flow per employee
  • Generate 1.4 times more revenue
  • Rate themselves 170 percent better at innovation
  • Are 180 percent better in their ability to adapt to change
  • Are 120 percent more capable of meeting financial targets

The sum of our differences gives us wider collective thought, and strength.

The Equal Reality team has created an internal survey to assess the diversity of thought that exists among us. In taking stock of our strengths and weaknesses, we aim to become more supportive of our community members.



Equal Reality is as close to a 50% gender split you can get with an odd number of people, with the odd being male.

Sexual orientation

60% heterosexual.
40% LGBTI+.


Although our team is relatively small, we come from different cultures all over the world.

Countries lived in

Our team are all travellers and settlers each having lived in at least 3 different cultures.

*(at least 3 months spent in each)


Countries worked in

Working in up to 6 countries each.

Urban density

100% of our team has lived in a city.
80% has lived in Suburbia.
40% has lived in Rural.

Person of color

20% of our team identify as a person of color.

Person of color - USA

Of our American born team, 50% identify as person of color.

Mixed Race

40% of our team identify as mixed race.


Of our Australian born team, 66% have been raised in Asian cultures. 100% have lived in Asian cultures.


Our team speaks 2 languages.


20% of our team has a chronic condition or different ability.

Industries Experienced

Our team has worked / volunteered in a total of 34 industries. Each team member bringing between 2 and 26 different industries.

public vs private

60% of our team attended a public school.
20% attended a private school.
20% did both.


20% of our team has a masters degree.
40% has completed a bachelor's degree.
40% never finished university / college.


20% of our team is a military veteran.

Work Experience

100% of our team has founded their own company.
100% has been their own boss.
100% has worked for a small to medium business.
40% has worked in corporate.
20% has worked in government.

minimum wage

100% of our team has worked for less than minimum wage.

Out of work

80% of our team has been out of work.


Our team identify their way of thinking differently.

introvert vs extrovert

20% of our team identify as an introvert.
0% identify as an extrovert.
80% identify as both.

Socioeconomic status

20% of our team identify with being born into lower class.
20% into middle class.
60% into upper-middle class.


20% of our team is single
20% is in a non-legal relationship.
60% is in a marriage or domestic partnership.

Family and Responsibilities

20% of our team is a parent or primary caregiver.

Where we can improve in diversity

2018 06 19

Our team is small, and our spread of skills and experiences among such few people is impressive. Knowing where we lack diversity helps direct us to improve diversity in the future. It enables us to consciously open up our inclusiveness to the areas we wish to improve.

Areas we would like to improve in the future:

The age range of our team is 8 years apart from youngest to olderst.

Work experience range varies by only 5 years.

Nationality of our team predominately identifies as American or Australian.

None of our team has ever retired.

80% of our team is of a single religious demographic.

Politics Views of our team is 80% one sided.
20% of our team are halfway between parties.

If you want to use our survey, either outright or as inspiration for creating you own. We have made a template available below.

Brennan Hatton, Co-founder & CTO


Want to use our survey?

Either outright or as inspiration for creating you own.

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