Diversity Training & Government. Equal Reality in HotDesQ

Earlier this year, Equal Reality was accepted into the Advance Queensland Government Program, HotDesQ.

Hot DesQ is a program for promising startups to move to Queensland, Australia and add value to the local ecosystem. Up to AUD$100,000 equity-free funding is available to discover the perfect place for big ideas, as well as office space. We chose the Brisbane Fishburners!

As part of the HotDesQ program, Equal Reality has been supporting local events and communities as well as starting and running our own. (and occasionally make fun videos)

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Here are a few of the standouts

Virtual Reality Games Night

On December 1st, Equal Reality organised a VR Games Night with Immerse Academy and Brisbane Fishburners and it was a huge success! With over 6 VR stations, we entertained 50 people playing games from surgeon simulator to archery. And from the feedback, it sounds like we will have to do it again.

Diversity Training Government

Be sure to like our facebook page and jump on our mailing list if you want to join in the next one! And reach out to us if you want to help run or sponsor the event - brennan@equalreality.com

The Ageing Revolution

The Ageing Revolution is one of our partners, and their goal is to transform the perceptions around ageing. They integrate with the community, to develop better services and products which realize the opportunities that ageing brings.

Equal Reality has been working with the Ageing Revolution throughout the year, since participating together in Vivid, Sydney. HotdesQ has helped facilitate the partnership since, as both teams are located at Fishburners.

HotDesQ has helped accelerate our relationship with The Ageing Revolution who are also based in Fishburners Brisbane.

Brisbane Startup Climbers

Our team is pretty active when it comes to exercise, so we started the Startup Climbers Brisbane facebook group to unite Entrepreneurs who love climbing.

Meeting up almost every week since its inception, often multiple times a week. We encourage any entrepreneurs who are interesting in climbing or climbers who are interesting in entrepreneurship to join.

Making new friends!

We have also had the chance to make some wonderful new friends, from all the fantastic people at Fishburners Brisbane to awesome indivudals and entrepreneurs like

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Nikki Durkin

Nikki Durkin, Founder of CodeMakers and Former founder of 99dresses is one of our fellow HotDesQers. Nikki handles being a single founder with an impressive organization system, and has shared her process with the people who attend her workshops!

Follow Nikki on Twitter at @nikkidurkin99

Diversity Training Government

Jenn Patel

Jenn Patel, previously a senior analyst in med tech at Cerner, now taking steps into the world of startups. Equal Reality met Jenn at Startup Weekend Brisbane. Jenn has excellent people and networking skills, and is always organizing events in her community.

Follow Jenn on LinkedIn.

Simon Lowe

Simon Lowe, Director at The Ageing Revolution, is a beacon of charisma. Coming from the UK where he worked in sales, he has chosen to reapply his considerable skills in partnerships and relationship building to the ethical entrepreneur space.

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Leonie Sanders

Leonie Sanders, Director at The Ageing Revolution has been one of the closest friends our team has had. Leonie, has helped us find our local feet attending markets, birthday parties finding the best resturants and getting to know the wider communnity.

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