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It has been a busy few months.

• We have launched our existing content available to license for only $99 / month.

• Training results are in! We increase empathy, capability for action. Increasing quality of training and improving scalability!

• Started working with many large names.

• Digging roots in the USA, Australia, Chile and expanding globally.

• A lot of press. From Forbes, The Atlantic, Wired, Live TV to Reality TV.

And much more!

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Virtual Reality training for diversity, inclusion and soft skills has just become significantly more accessible.

With our new licenses, you dont need big budgets to get started making use of virtual reality. You can get access to training worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our training has been developed with world leading organizations, designed for solving the biggest and most pressing issues faced by mordern companies looking to transform the culture for the better.

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Disability Discrimination

Ready to go

Explore what it feels like to be patronized and to have assumptions made based on your physical ability. How does it feel when your colleague witnesses the biased behavior and chooses to brush past it?

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Gender Discrimination

Ready to go

Explore what it feels like to be marginalized and to have assumptions made based on your gender and looks. How does it feel when your manager witnesses the biased behavior and chooses to brush past it?

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Challanging Converstaions

Coming soon

Experience a harsh review from your manager, and then replay the situation as the manager. How can you change your language to affect better outcomes in your staff?

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Big Name Customers

45 world leaders using our solutions

Cornell University Royal Australin Navy Amazon JPMorgan PWC
Domain Commonwealth Bank Macquarie Bank Kingwood & Mallesons Procter and Gamble
Booz Allen Hamilton GSK BCG Exxon Mobil Service Now
NSW Police Force NYC Department of Education Montana State University Pomfret Boarding School university of twente
Valdo State University Lake Michigan College Southern New Hampshire University Georgian College Charles Darwin University
Colorado College Australian Department Of Defence State Farm Douglas Partners Astra Zeneca
NTUC Income Thales Symetra Woodside Watermark
Port Macquarie Hastings Council Making Work Aboslutely Human Fuse Universal REM5v Dreamland VR
Virtual Reality Rental Games Done Legit Intel Google Why Documentaries

Plus many more we can't name!

From Military, Government, Tech Giants, Banks, Law Firms, Consulting Giants, Education Institutes, High-Schools, Universities, Diversity and Inclusion Trainers to City Councils.

We have been making partnerships with the world's biggest and most successful organizations, all over the globe. Working to improve diversity and inclusion with virtual reality soft skills training in the United States, China, Russia, Australia, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Singapore & Chile just to name a few.

Results are in!

Case Studies are here! We increase empathy, capability for action. Increasing quality of training and improving scalability!


Over 99% of users understood what discrimination felt like.


96% of users felt prepared to act in the workplace.


780 people trained with 2 headsets.

Motivating Action

Testing the efficacy of VR to increase know-how, promote personal accountability, and create behavior change at one of the world’s leading banks.


Addressing a $1 Billion settlement, a world leading bank set out on a mission to empower employees to take personal responsibility, to question, and to act when they see something that doesn’t seem right.


VR training simulation based on a real lived experience of an employee, allowing you to make value-based decisions and practice taking action in the moment.

The Result

ACTION - 96% felt prepared to act if they were to see this behavior in the workplace.

KNOW-HOW - Over 99% understand the reporting options available to them.

NPS +91

A Net promoter score, or NPS measures customer experience and predicts business growth. It is a score of -100 to 100, which reflects how likely a users will recommend their experience to a friend. For e-learning, anything over 0 is good. For diversity and inclusion training, over 60 makes you world class. We are proud to boast a score of over 91

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Digging in roots

USA, Australia & Chile

United States

While workimg with Amazon, AWS ran an internal event with our technology for over 100 people.

Halcyon successfully launched us into the American market, from September to our showcase in Janurary, and onwards.

Watermark is the Bay Area's largest membership organization dedicated to increasing the number of women in leadership positions. Together, we designed, built and delievered virtual reality training around women in the workplace.

An Ivy League University we can not yet name

Australia & Asia

As part of Diversity and Inclusion month, JP Morgan, the 6th biggest bank in the world, have been rolling out our training in their Sydney, Singapore, and Hong Kong offices.

A World Leading Brewery

We delievered virtual reality training with one of the world's biggest brewing organizations, about inclusive leadership. Bringing out the best in our people starts with creating a community that respects and inspires everyone.

A World Leading Police

We are working with a world leading police, in Australia to develop training for new recruits.

We represented the Australian Defence Indsutry at ITSEC.

We are now working with Aus Trade to furher our internatoinal partnerships in Chile & the USA

Brennan presented Equal Reality as a reality tv contenstant, broadcasted on national Australian TV. Making it to the Semi-Finals of River Pitch.

South America

Equal Reality is very excited to announce, we have been accepted into StartUp Chile. One of the world's most prestegious, competitive and diverse startup programs. As part of the 22nd SEED round, they will be supporting our expansion into South America with networks, parnterships, funding and relocation

The Four Institute

We are presenting at The Four Institute conference in Brazil in June.

Plus so much more!!

Who are talking about us and where have we been?

Running events with:




ACS + Fishburners

Harvard Business Alumni

University of Wollongong

Georgetown University





Military - ITSEC

The female quotient

Lual Mayem - BEny

International Women's Day


Forbes 30 / 30

Wired - VR Soft Skills

Reality TV Show - RiverPitch

River Pitch Semi-Finalists

Live News - Your Money - Reality TV recap

Smart Company - VR Diversity training startup equal reality & optus

Illawarra Mercury

Channel 7 News

Finfeed - The Studio

Queensland Chiefentrepreneur.qld.gov.au - Success Story

ITNewsClient PMHC listed as Finalist

MWAh future of work

Observer Analytics - Community Blog

American Inno - Halcyon Graduation

The Atlantic - What Women Bring to Business

This Week in Startups Australia




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