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Virtual Reality Headsets

It is important to know which off-the-shelf headsets are designed to deliever the best experience, and how they are best used. Some Virtual Reality headsets are far superior to the rest. Including:

Real Time Content

Real time content is the only way to take advantage of all the most important aspects of Virtual Reality.

Using graphics engines like Unity, we can maximise on interactivity, immersion and agency to help create engagement and body transfer.

Body Tracking

Using positional tracking systems, we can replace your body with a virtual avatar. Controlling the avatar as if it's your own body results in higher levels of ownership, immersion and agency.

This is also know as 'room-scale virtual reality'.


Our Technology

Custom made for world class simulations

Virtual Humans

by Equal Reality

Character Library

Diverse cutting edge character library.

Character Creation

Technology to build realistic human characters for virtual reality.


Data Engine

Track and improve. Pioneering what is possible with data.
virtual reality data collection


Capture real-time data as the user is experiencing it.

virtual reality data visualization


Empowering the user to learn through their own data.

virtual reality content creation data collection

New ground

Use data that has previously been impossible to collect.

virtual reality data reports visualization


Anonymous reports to management based on group performance.


Equal Reality Creators Suite

Enabling content experts with technology

Tell your own story

No coding required

No modelling required

Built by world leaders

Used by leading experts

Simple, yet powerful

Record your script

Pick the characters

Assign the dialog

Experience it!

The cutting edge

Use technology as it is invented

A world leading community

Designed for results

Used by the headmost companies

Creators Suite

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