Unpacking Bias

An Interactive Journey



Unpacking Bias is an immersive journey focused on Bias and Inclusion, remotely delivered and closely codesigned with employees using real, lived experiences to ensure authentic and realistic responses and interventions.

Virtual Reality has been proven to enhance perspective-taking – the ability to look beyond your own point of view – and allows people to practice different behaviors in a psychologically safe environment. Like an unexpected fire-drill, it allows learners to face uncomfortable yet everyday situations. Participants are given an opportunity to recognize bias (and learn where they may have missed it) and make decisions on how to act and react. This creates an empathetic learning experience, and an opportunity to become better allies.

virtual character for unconscious bias training in VR
Part 1: Welcome to the team

Purpose: Empathy for Ethnicity and Gender.

Meet the team in a Zoom style video call for your first day at work.

You experience and witness bias/discrimination. The user is to record the bias they recognize.

Part 2: Exhausted

Purpose: Empathy for Ethnicity, LGBT+ especially inclusion/exclusion, physical space, bias.

Meet your team in person on site for the first time.

You experience navigating more bias/discrimination. The user is to record the bias they recognize.

How does it make you feel?

Part 3: Allies - Step in & Step Up

Purpose: Practicing allyship.

You play the same scenario from a different perspective as a different character. This time you are a manager who can make decisions to make a situation more inclusive (or not).

How can you be an ally?

what Users have to say

Key Results

54+ NPS with over 400 users
54+ NPS
92% "I will apply the learnings from this session"
Applying Learnings
88% the activities / discussions were useful to me
87% Resulted in honest and vulnerable conversations
Honest & Vulnerable Conversations
85% Deepen awareness and understanding
Awareness and understanding

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