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Virtual Reality training allows you to literally see from the point of view of others, including those of a different gender, race, or ability-level How it works

Leadership | Gender Diversity | Disability Inclusion | Cultural Inclusion | Sexual Harassment | Bullying


Gets results

Virtual Reality is proven to be most effective


Virtual Reality has a 75% information retention rate, while traditional teaching methods yield a 10% retention rate. Experiencial learning creates memories, remembered as real world events.


Through Virtual Reality, we can collect data and track progress over time, in a way that has previously not been possible .


On demand training. Providing easy accessability to more teams. Like e-learning, but it actually works.


Collaborating with World Leaders

in Diversity, Inclusion and Virtual Reality





Leonie Sanderson

Director - The Aging Revolution

"Equal Reality is transformational, shifting people’s perceptions and helping to create better workplaces, better communities."

Daniel Breda

Virtual Reality Artist

"An enlightening experience. Using this application has enabled me to identify examples of unconscious bias in general life, where i had previously unknowingly overlooked it."

Amy Louise

Disability Advocate

"An eye opening experience! This program really puts you in other people's shoes. It has the potential to revolutionise work place relations."

Lydia Hascott

Community Manager - Remarkable Inclusive Tech

"Training more powerful than ever before. Users can now literally walk in someone else's shoes and see through their eyes."

Aidan McDonald

Student - Warners Bay High

"As a teenager going for a job in 2 months, this is something that I could use to help me along the way (plus it's a VR app, so it is fun to practice)."

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