Psychological Safety

Psychological safety is hugely important to consider when running a VR experience. It allows the user to feel safe enough to relax into the experience.

I can be myself

I can let down my guard

I am not being judged

I am in control

It is important for many users to know that they are in control of their experience, and will not be experiencing anything they don’t want to.

One key aspect of that control is letting the user know they can leave at any time, simply by taking the headset off or asking for assistance. It is important to let the user know that they can call upon you at any time if they feel unsafe or want to leave. For this reason, you should avoid leaving anyone in VR unattended unless you have their permission.

Another aspect of control is knowing what you are in for. Reassure the user that you will not be surprising them with anything scary, and if possible provide a brief overview of what the user will be experiencing.